Simple & Yummy, Yet Healthy: Muesli Is Switzerland’s Healthy Gift To Humankind

There’s nothing that starts the day off right, quite like a good, hearty, healthy meal. With that in mind, the Swiss favourite of muesli is definitely something which fits the description of a healthy breakfast.

A Healthy Meal In A Bowl

Muesli wasn’t initially intended to be a breakfast meal. Rather, it was originally developed around the 1900s by Swiss physician Maximilian Bircher-Benner as an appetiser (like bread and butter) for patients in his hospital. He believed that a good diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables was an essential part of therapy and the recovery process.

Today, muesli is eaten around the world, and especially in Switzerland as a standard breakfast or brunch dish. A favourite among the Swiss locals is Bircher Muesli (named after its inventor) wherein a bowl of muesli is soaked and topped with other extra ingredients like yoghurt and fruit.

Indeed, Bircher Muesli offers a different take from the original Bircher-Benner muesli where the recipe entailed a mix of oat flakes, grated raw apples, condensed milk, nuts, and lemon juice. Regardless, both versions are equally as healthy and appetizing.  

Moreover, muesli also functions as a light evening dish in Germany called Birchermüesli complet. This muesli variation calls for a bowl of oats steeped in milk coffee which also comes with an accompaniment of bread, butter, and jam.

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