The Luxurious Snowy Crab Festival In Korea

Ah yes. Regardless of where you are in the world, crabs are known to be a luxurious and opulent delicacy for the most part. But if you were to take it up a notch, you would have snow crabs — an even more luxurious variant (if that makes sense) of the saltwater crustaceans.

So if the stars somehow align and you find yourself in the quaint and charming county of Yeongdeok in spring, then you might want to seek out and take part in the Yeongdeok Snow Crab Festival.

Yeongdeok Snow Crab Festival

Yeongdeok is particularly famous for its snow crabs as the shoreside county hosts a festive, annual event in appreciation of the fresh albeit expensive seafood. Whether you love crabs (and its snowy cousins) or are a budding seafood aficionado, this festival is certainly a must-attend affair.

Once you’re at the festival, take the chance to stroll through the auction held during this time. If possible, try to snag a few of the hefty, meaty crabs. But if you aren’t really up for participating in the auction, there are a multitude of fun games and activities to join in on. Off the top of the list, you could spend some time experiencing the life of a snow crab fisherman by getting on a fishing boat or alternatively, participate in a lively snow crab cooking competition.

But the ultimate highlight of the festival has to be sampling the many varieties of snow crab dishes on offer at the festival. Here, you will be presented with the golden opportunity to taste the various fancy Korean snow crab cuisine not found anywhere else in the world.

When To Visit: March

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