Up Your Bubble Tea Game At Holatea

As far as Instagrammable spots in Johor goes, Mount Austin’s scenic locale is second to none. And within the fringes of this semi-industrial zone lies Holatea’s Mount Austin outlet — a bubble tea joint which also doubles as a rather Instagrammable spot.

Within its shop, Holatea has a very European setting which is accentuated by the contrast afforded by the café’s offerings of traditional Taiwanese handcrafted bubble tea. That, in addition to their exposed brick walls, quirky picture wall, and Victorian-style mantlepiece with an artificial fireplace makes for a gorgeous backdrop for all your Instagram needs. 

(Bubble) Tea’s The Word

As for their menu, Holatea serves a wide range of Taiwanese style recipes, from fruity and tangy to milky and creamy. Also, their unique blend of topping combination does add a new layer of taste each time you visit.

Do also expect the standard café affair here like smoothies, coffee, finger food, and the obligatory bubble tea. You should definitely try out Holatea’s signature Taiwan tea series like Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Black Tea and the Taiwan Four Season Green Tea. Otherwise, the Devil Pearl Latte is their take on the always-popular sweet treat of brown sugar milk tea.

Address:  GF-L009 Austin International Convention Centre, Jalan Austin Heights 8/1, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

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