A (Non-Halal) Twist On A Classic Malay Dish

As Malaysia is a multi-cultural nation, it comes as no surprise that there are multiple variations of the traditional Nasi Lemak dish to cater to the palates of its various communities. And chief among them is non-halal Nasi Lemak.

You read that right. Non. Halal. Nasi Lemak.

Ann Nasi Lemak

Non-halal Nasi Lemak is coming up as the latest craze in the local Nasi Lemak scene (other than adapting the iconic dish’s flavour into other mediums like burgers, etc.) In this case, Ann Nasi Lemak at ICC Pudu is where you want to be to sample this mouth-watering dish.

What makes this particular dish unique is that the Chinese-influenced Nasi Lemak is drizzled with a heaping dose of pork skin curry, which coincidentally (or not) is one of their top sellers and signature dish. 

Paired with a side of either squid or clam sambal, the dish also comes with an optional serving of fried chicken, shrimp, minced pork, or fried Petai. And while this Nasi Lemak is on the pricier side, the generous portions and delicious side dishes more than makes it worthwhile. 

Ann Nasi Lemak starts serving pretty early, so make sure to get there early to avoid the crowd, especially on weekends!

Address: Jalan 1/77C, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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