Taste Test Every Single Local Food In Kuching City

The next time you’re thinking about going on a food adventure in Malaysia, skip the trip to Penang or Ipoh and instead, head over to Kuching city in Sarawak to sample a wide variety of tasty, cheap, and unique local delicacies.

Savour Kuching’s Local Delicacies

Out of all the food recommended by various listicles on the Internet, the world-famous Sarawak Laksa is definitely a must-try dish. A bowl of savoury Sarawak Laksa is made of piping hot vermicelli rice noodles topped with a prawn-based broth, shredded chicken strips, fluffy sliced omelette, whole fresh prawns, and a handful of crisp bean sprouts.

Other than this dish, the classic Kuching breakfast food of Kolo Mee is also a must-try. The springy noodles topped with juicy Char Siew (and sometimes its sauce for a bowl of red noodles) and minced pork is Kuching’s signature dish.

Otherwise, the ever-popular Sarawak Layer Cake or Kek Lapis is a staple for tea time in Kuching city. The colourful delicacy remains one of the top picks of food among visiting tourists, with some of them even bringing boxes full of the rainbow-coloured confectionery home.

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